A.I. Lab

The team at BigMIND have developed a cutting-edge A.I. ecosystem that can process and analyze billions of videos, documents and photos. Our Lab gives customers and partners an opportunity to test out the latest cloud technologies before they are integrated into the system.

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How does it work?

Image Recognition: Upload a file to our platform and the system will immediately start to look for individual faces, emotions, clothing and create a description for you. It’s that simple.
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Face Recognition
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A.I. Description
We're proud to be the first to offer an A.I auto-description feature within our intelligent cloud. As a BigMIND user, you can generate a caption of any image with just a click of a button.Save time and work faster. Try it yourself.
BigMIND A.I. Says:  
Note:    Press the generate button to load A.I. image description.
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